Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to buy medications from an overseas pharmacy without a prescription?

As now the technology is progressing, we are seeing a lot of changes and therefore at some point it is legal to buy medications without a prescription from an overseas pharmacy.

Are medications safe from other countries?

The medications are always tried and tested even if it is available from other countries and are produced under license and therefore they are safe.

Is it important to know the foreign name if the medication?

No, it is not that important because when you order the drug, all you need at that time is the generic name or the brand name and then you can get it accordingly.

Can I track my parcel?

Yes, you can.

What happens if my parcel is lost?

Then we can send you the replacement with no charge.

Are generic medicines safe and effective when compared to their equivalent brand name?

Yes, it is and there is nothing much to worry about.

Are there any countries to which you do not deliver?

We are situated worldwide and we deliver to every other country.